Arthur Stanley Gallant

A convicted pedophile who was declared a long-term offender at his sentencing in Dartmouth in 2003 now faces charges involving a man.

Arthur Stanley Gallant, 43, appeared in Halifax provincial court Thursday on a total of nine charges.

Gallant, who’s listed in court records as having no fixed address, is accused of assaulting and threatening the man in Halifax in July.

Police further allege that Gallant in September used threats of violence in an attempt to discourage the man from co-operating with police. For that, he faces charges of intimidation of a justice system participant, intimidation and obstructing justice.

Gallant is also charged with four counts of breaching his 10-year long-term supervision order by having a camera, having a device that would allow him unsupervised access to the Internet and consuming, purchasing or possessing alcohol on two occasions. Those offences were allegedly committed in July and August.

Defence lawyer Kishan Persaud asked Thursday that Gallant be remanded to a federal institution for a couple of months to give him time to speak with legal counsel.

Judge Michael Sherar went along with the request and scheduled the case to return to court Dec. 10.

In 2003, Gallant was sentenced to eight years in prison and declared a long-term offender on charges of sexual assault, sexual touching and making and possessing child pornography.

Gallant molested local children as young as five, photographed some of the acts and posted the images on the Internet. The offences happened in his apartment in the basement of his mother’s Dartmouth home between August 2000 and February 2002.

Police arrested Gallant within four hours of receiving a complaint from a parent. Officers seized his computer and found 1,500 images, most of which were child pornography.

At sentencing, a judge called Gallant’s crimes against children disgusting and grotesque and said a mother of one of his victims referred to him as “a monster in disguise.”

A psychological assessment found Gallant displayed sexual deviancy and strong anti-social traits and posed a moderate to high risk to reoffend violently.

Pedophile released to halfway house

A convicted pedophile from Dartmouth will get a statutory release to a halfway house under a number of conditions.

Arthur Stanley Gallant, 42, has no leave privileges and can’t be around children 16 and younger without supervision, according to a National Parole Board decision this month. He must report all intimate relationships, is prohibited from accessing cameras, can’t use a computer, can’t drink alcohol or use drugs and must take counselling and drug treatment.

In 2003, he received an eight-year sentence for sexual assault, sexual touching and making and possessing child pornography. The offences took place in his apartment, which was in his mother’s Dartmouth basement.

The parole board noted his previous releases. In 2008, he admitted to smoking crack in his room, and in 2011, he got another four months added to his sentence when he was found to have used alcohol during a leave.


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