CBC News – July 14, 2010

A P.E.I. Supreme Court justice has sentenced a man convicted of sexually assaulting a girl to 2½ years in prison, saying a new precedent for such sentences needed to be set.

Justice Gordon Campbell sentenced Alan Wade White, 47, of Murray River, for sexually assaulting a girl 15 years ago. The assaults included touching her genitals and intercourse. The girl was between seven and 11 years old at the time of the offences.

The Crown submitted material suggesting to the court that sentences recently imposed for such offences had fallen out of step with sentences in other parts of the country. Campbell agreed with the Crown’s arguments.

“It appears to me that the established range of sentences imposed on P.E.I. for crimes such as those for which the accused has been convicted is too low. Once a range has developed, it becomes a self-perpetuating instrument,” Campbell wrote in his decision.

“If … the overall range is too low, then I believe it is necessary to acknowledge that, reconsider and adjust the range of appropriate sentences, and express the reasons for doing so.”

Material presented by the Crown showed jail sentences on P.E.I. for sexual offences involving minors ranging from nine to 18 months. Campbell noted in some provinces the starting point for a major sexual assault against a child is a four-year prison sentence. While recognizing the need for longer sentences on P.E.I., Campbell said he still needed to take into account past precedents in White’s case.

In addition to serving 2½ years in a federal institution, White was placed on the National Sex Offender Registry for 20 years, and his DNA will be included in a national databank. He is also prohibited from owning weapons.


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Alan Wade White, 49
Crime:  Sexual assault
Sentence:   2010, July – 2 ½ yrs prison + conditions
Last Location:   Murray River, PEI
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