The Saskatoon Police Service, under the authority and pursuant to the Public Disclosure Act, is announcing that a high risk sexual offender will be, upon his release February 4th, 2011, residing within the Saskatoon area.

Jason Paul Thorne is described as: Male, Aboriginal, 33 years old, height: 5 feet, 11 inches, weight: 165 pounds, medium build, with brown eyes and short black hair.

Jason Paul Thorne has a history of committing violent and sexual offences, frequently involving the use or threat of use of weapons, against both males and females with whom he comes in contact. His victims include people previously unknown to him as well as those with whom he has family relationships. In previous offences, his victims have ranged from infant to adult age.

Jason Paul Thorne is subject to a court order with the following conditions, for a period of six years, which requires that he:

  1. Abstain from the use of alcohol or other drugs;
  2. Not have contact with children under the age of 18 years unless supervised by a responsible adult who has been pre-approved in writing by his supervising Parole Officer;
  3. Not be in a position of authority over children regardless of the presence of other adults;
  4. Not attend any public park or swimming pool or be in or near locations where children can reasonably be expected to congregate;
  5. Report all intimate relationships or changes to his Parole Officer immediately;
  6. Reside at a Community Correctional Centre and return there every night.

At this time Jason Paul Thorne will reside in the Heritage neighbourhood of Regina in a residence that provides supervision and monitoring of his activities.

It is important to note that this information is intended to enable members of the public to take suitable preventative measures, and not to embark upon any form of vigilantism or unreasonable conduct toward this individual.