Joseph Roberge


A serial rapist serving a prison sentence for sexual assault on another detainee has been denied early release.

A Parole Board of Canada decision states Joseph Roberge has a “sex offence history which dates back to 1972” and refuses to allow his release back into a society because he is a high-risk offender.

Roberge, now in his 60’s, is serving a two-year and nine-month sentence for indecent acts, sexual assault and a breach of a long-term supervision order. The crimes occurred while the man was already serving a 10-year long-term supervision, says the February 2016 document.

He was let out in August 2013, and moved from New Brunswick to Halifax. Police warned the public at the time that he was considered a high-risk offender. His 12-year sentence followed convictions for forcible confinement and sexual assault.

He was taken into custody on Gottingen Street at 9:58 a.m. on December 16, 2013.

Roberge was under conditions to follow a sexual deviancy treatment plan, reside in a halfway house, stay away from places where children under 18 gather, see a psychiatrist, and not to consume or possess alcohol or drugs.

At the time, he wasn’t charged but was taken into custody at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth. The reason why a warrant was issued for his arrest wasn’t answered at that time.

But in December 2013, the new documents say Roberge, with his face and neck covered in tattoos, used his 240-pound frame and six-foot-one stature to intimidate a victim into performing sexual acts.

“You assaulted a male victim in a common room when you did indecent acts. Later that day, you committed indecent acts while you were in the elevator with the same victim,” it reads.

“The victim reported he was intimidated by your physical size, the tattoos on your face, your demeanor, and therefore complied with your request.”

In August 2014, Roberge attempted to rape a fellow prisoner.

“You entered another inmate’s cell, exposed yourself and tried to have sexual contact by grabbing the victim,” the document said. “File information reveals a past history of violent criminal sexual offending.”

His previous charges include buggery, sexaul assault with a weapon, rape, indecent assault, sexual interference, forcible confinement and two counts of sexual assault.

Roberge was also convicted of armed robbery and robbery with violence.

More than four decades ago, he stole a woman’s purse in a park, threatened her with a knife and touched her behind. Five years later, he raped and molested another woman, punched her in the face and sodomized her. He was out on parole at the time of the assault.

A decade later, Roberge sexual assaulted a mentally challenged client of a community correctional centre, and forced him to perform fellatio and threatened to stab the man if he told on him. He was on mandatory supervision during that time.

In 1994, he fondled a child he was babysitting and in 2000 he was caught violating the conditions of his release by being around a school yard. He had stopped taking an antiandrogenic medication to control his libido.

That same year, he assaulted an adult with an intellectual disability in a halfway house. In December 2006, while at an unnamed institution, he sexually assaulted an inmate he was double bunked with in a cell.

“Your criminal acting-out demonstrates a pattern of persistent violent behaviour. Most of your offences have caused physical and or psychological harm to the victims, some of whom had a history of victimization and who suffered the consequences of your actions long after the abuse,” the document reads.

“Moreover, many of your victims were either minors or had intellectual limitations. This shows your capacity to target vulnerable individuals.”

His case management team said Roberge has trouble controlling is violent and sexual impulses, and is a danger to society. While Roberge admits to the offences, he rarely takes the medications prescribed to control his sex drive.

During his current sentence, he has made next to no strides toward rehabilitation or changing his behaviour.

“Your file indicates that you have not completed any interventions neither a high intensity intervention to lessen your risk of future sex offending,” it reads.

“You indicated that you would only be open to sex offender programming of your choice and in an institution of your choice.”

However, Roberge will continue to serve for at least another year.

“Your risk of sexual recidivism is high compared to other sex offenders … the board believes that there is compelling information from professionals supporting a decision that you not be released,” it said.

The board also said they would look at reliable information that showed Roberge was planning further crimes in prison.

“Your lack of cooperation with those in charge of ensuring sound risk assessment makes your supervision in the community impossible.”

A serial rapist serving a prison sentence for sexual assault on another detainee has been denied early release. A Parole Board of Canada decision states Joseph Roberge has a “sex offence history which…