Larry Daniel Clayton will be sentenced Aug. 2 on charges of forcible confinement, assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats.

Larry Daniel Clayton will be sentenced Aug. 2 on charges of forcible confinement, assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats.

UPDATED 8:41 p.m. Friday

A Cole Harbour man with a sordid history of abusing women will be sentenced in August for his latest convictions.

Larry Daniel Clayton, 48, was found guilty Thursday in Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax on charges of forcible confinement, assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats.

The allegations stemmed from a July 2010 incident involving an 18-year-old woman whom Clayton had been secretly dating for about eight months.

But Justice Kevin Coady acquitted Clayton of sexually assaulting the same woman and forcing her to have anal sex, both from an August 2010 tryst in his car.

Clayton, who has been in custody for almost 23 months, was remanded back to the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility in Dartmouth until his Aug. 2 sentencing.

Crown attorney Rick Woodburn told the court that he wants Clayton, who has 25 other convictions dating back to 1982, to serve even more time behind bars for his most recent offences.

Coady accepted the testimony of the victim, now 20, that Clayton confined her in his vehicle one night, slapped her in the face, punched her in the mouth and threatened to beat her with a metal pole that he had in the car, just like he’d assaulted another woman for not listening to him.

The judge said Clayton, during his testimony, confirmed that his relationship with the young woman was one of “power, control and disrespect” and featured regular sexual encounters in the backseat of his vehicle.

“He was constantly obsessed with who she spoke to and who she hung out and he was able to influence control by mental and physical abuse,” Coady said.

“He kept the relationship away from the prying eyes of (the woman’s) family, her friends and her community. He demanded regular consensual sex. He never asked for it, he just expected it, and she knew when he wanted it.

“These convictions are so typical of the kind of exploitive relationship that existed between Larry Clayton and (the complainant) and the tools that men use to maintain that kind of relationship.”

But Coady said he felt he didn’t have “the whole story” about the sexual allegations, which left him in doubt of what really happened that other night.

“I can say that (the woman) was strong in giving her evidence,” the judge explained. “And I can say that what she says happened may very well have happened. In fact, I can bring myself to say that it probably happened. But ‘probably guilty’ does not qualify as proof beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Clayton got out of prison in January 2007 after serving all six years of a sentence for aggravated assault, assault with a weapon, uttering threats and breaching a court order. In that case, he was found guilty of throwing hydrochloric acid in the face of his ex-girlfriend’s father.

The National Parole Board refused to grant parole to Clayton, saying his risk for “general violence, spousal assault and sexual violent recidivism fell in the high range.”

In 1993, Clayton was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison for six prostitution-related offences involving two runaways.

The girls were 13 and 14 when Clayton offered them a drive and then forced them into prostitution. He took them to his sister’s residence, where they were taught how to dress, how to act and what prices to charge. One night, he had sex with them at a hotel.

At sentencing, a judge said Clayton’s activities were the “nearest form of slavery in the ’90s.”

In 1986, Clayton got a five-year sentence for a pair of sexual assaults.