Ronald James Aucoin

A man with a criminal history involving sex offences against children and who has been deemed a high-risk to re-offend is back living in HRM.

Halifax police say Ronald James Aucoin, 38, was released Monday from the Dorchester Penitentiary in New Brunswick. Aucoin has been professionally assessed a high-risk to re-offend in a sexual manner, and police are warning the public now that he is a free man.

“I won’t be more specific than within HRM because Mr. Aucoin, like anybody else, has a right to travel within the city,” said Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const. Pierre Bourdages, about where Aucoin will be living. “So he could really be anywhere in the city, even if he will be residing at a specific area, he could travel within the city.”

Aucoin is out of prison on several conditions, which includes having no contact with children under 16. He is described as being five-foot-six, 180 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

Police say they will be monitoring Aucoin regularly, but are also asking the public that if they see him around kids, to contact them immediately.

“We are not encouraging any kind or form of vigilantly activity, people taking matters into their own hands,” Bourdages said. “Mr. Aucoin was sentenced to some time in jail, he served his sentence and he has to be released. He can’t be kept in jail indefinitely.”

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