Trevor Partridge

BOWMANVILLE — A 46-year-old Bowmanville landscaper who posed as a young male and lured three U.S. girls, ages 11 to 15, into performing webcam sex acts that he turned into child pornography has been declared a long-term offender.

“The brutal degradation and exploitation of children is absolutely stunning,” Ontario Superior Court Justice John McMahon said Tuesday.
Justice McMahon sentenced the former finance ministry employee to six years in prison, less pretrial custody credit of three years, nine months. The judge also named him a long-term offender for a further 10 years.
The sentence was jointly recommended by defence lawyer Uma Kancharla and prosecutor Joe Hanna.

Trevor Partridge pleaded guilty to six child pornography, one impersonating, two invitation to sexual touching and six luring charges last July.
An alcoholic and diabetic now battling cancer, Mr. Partridge told a psychiatrist last year he knew everything he did was wrong.
“I know it was sick,” he said.
This is his second conviction for child pornography. In 2000 he was sentenced to 20 months after being caught with what was then considered the largest cache of child porn in Canadian history: 14,000 images.
But in the latest convictions, when police raided his Bowmanville home in 2010, they found 95,000 child porn files of girls ranging from infants to teens under 18.
According to agreed facts, in 2010 he posed as a 17-year-old Toronto boy called Joey and chatted with a 15-year-old New York State girl. To support his fake persona, Mr. Partridge sent her photos of a 17-year-old boy from Minnesota lifted from the boy’s Facebook page.
The girl engaged in explicit chats, undressed and masturbated for “Joey.” Mr. Partridge recorded the sessions in a movie format, adding opening credits. He also saved the explicit chat logs.
Starting in 2008, he posed as “Peter,” 23, and chatted with a 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl. He tried to persuade her to send nude photos. She eventually sent photos of herself in her underwear, which he briefly posted in a public chat room. He tried to have her masturbate during chats, but she only pretended to.
In 2009, she became afraid that “Peter” would post the pictures online or send them to her parents. So she enlisted a friend to trick him into believing she had died in a car accident.
Mr. Partridge discovered the lie and became angry, harassing her for months with often vulgar and abusive language.
In 2010, he chatted online with an 11-year-old girl, who performed sex acts in front of her webcam. The recording was found in his computer in movie format with opening and closing credits.